What is Warcraft 3: Expansion?

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Warcraft 3: Expansion (also known as warcraft3x, war3x, and wc3x) is a plugin for Counter-Strike that allows players to obtain and use spells and abilities from the Warcraft 3 games made by _Blizzard_.
How to Play
When a player joins a server that has War3x installed, once they choose their team, they are prompted to choose a _race_ from Warcraft 3. Each _race_ is different and has their own unique _skills_ and _abilities_. When enemies are killed, and objectives are completed, the character will aquire _experience_. When enough experience is earned, the player will gain a level with their selected character, allowing them to train a skill. When a player reaches level 6, they may select an _ultimate_ rather than a skill, which is a powerful ability that, once cast, must cool down for a short duration before being able to be cast again.

Also available is an item shop, which contains purchasable items that can aid players in their quest for server domination.

If the server has long-term experience enabled, experience will remain on the server so that players will be able to resume playing their character(s) on the same server even after disconnecting!
o 4 selectable races to choose from!
o A unique racial ability, that increases as levels are gained.
o 3 skills to train for each race.
o 3 ultimates to choose from for each race!
o An item shop containing 9 useful items.
o Support experience given to players that cast supporting ultimates on their teammates.
o Multi-Language Support
Planned Features
o Level cap increased to 15, which will take extremely long to get to.
o A unique bonus ability received at level 10, which, much like the racial ability, will increase as the player gains levels.
o The "Backpack" skill received at level 15, which will allow players to hold 2 items at a time, one of which can be a racial item.
o Racial shops, which will contain unique items available for each race set ( 4 shops total ).
o 3 Additional playable races, including the Blood Elf, Naga, and Draenei.
o 1 Additional ultimate available for each race.
o SQL saving support.
Ryan (Head Developer), WillyumYum

Special Thanks: Spacedude
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