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Racial Ability
The racial ability, unique to Warcraft 3: Expansion, is gained automatically at level 0. With each level gained by players, the skill increases in power. By level 9, the skill is capped.
Trained Skills
When a player gains a level with their character, they may select one of three skills that are available to the race they are playing. Each skill has 3 trainable levels, and with every level trained, the power of the skill increases. The same skill can not be trained every level the player gains to prevent them from becoming too powerful too quickly. Instead, the earliest a player can aquire level 3 in a skill is when they reach level 5. The earliest a level 2 skill can be trained is when the player reaches level 3. This means that players must choose at least two skills to train in prior to level 5.
Ultimates are very powerful abilities that are gained at level 6. While a majority of ultimates are offensive, there are some that are defensive and supportive, boosting a player's stats and/or health, making them harder to kill. To use an ultimate, a key must be bound to the ultimate command. To do this, simply open up the console, and type bind <KEY> ultimate, where <KEY> is the key the ultimate is bound to.
Bonus Ability (coming soon)
Much like the racial ability, the bonus ability, gained at level 10, increases in power as the player levels.
Backpack Ability (coming soon)
The backpack ability is gained at the final level of a player's career. It enables them to carry 2 items at a time, one of which can be a racial item. The final level is determined by the server administrator. It can either be level 10 (in place of the bonus ability), or level 15.
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