Invisibility Information

General Information / Skill Invisibility / Item Invisibility
General Information
This information applies to all forms of invisibilty.
  • Damaging a player, being damaged, casting an ultimate, and being the recipient of an ultimate (even support ultimates) will 'break' invisibility, forcing a cooldown. The only exception is invisibility by Human (and Blood Elf) knife attacks, which will not break invisbility.

  • Invisible players will not have their name pop up on enemy crosshairs, no matter how 'visible' looking they are. (coming soon)

  • Invisible Players can not be targetted by harmful ultimates, however, they can when invisibility is broken. (coming soon)
Skill Invisibility
This information applies to invisibilty pertaining to skills.
  • Human racial invisibility cooldown is 5.0 seconds.

  • Human racial invisibility will soon be removed. Instead, Humans and Blood Elves will have Potions of Invisibility available in their racial shop, which will make the player roughly 80% transparent when used. The effect will last 60 seconds or until 'broken'. With each potion bought, 2 charges of invisibility will be available. (coming soon).

  • Draenei's racial invisibility will be static throughout all levels. Graphically, it will look like an 'unstable' invisibility, the player fading in and out repeatedly. With each level the Draenei player gains, the cooldown will decrease ( from 5.0 seconds to 0.5 second ), decreasing the ammount of time they are targetable by ultimates. (coming soon)
Item Invisibility
This information applies to invisibilty pertaining to items.
  • Cloak of shadows invisibility cooldown is 5.0 seconds.

  • A Cloak of shadows worn by a Draenei player will give them a 'solid' (normal) invisibility effect, but will not affect their cooldown time since Draenei cooldown starts at 5.0 seconds and decreases with each level. (coming soon)

  • When the Gem of True Sight is equipped, any invisible player targeted by the player with the gem will act as though they are not invisible, though graphically they will still 'look' invisible. (coming soon)

  • Any 'chain' ultimates will not jump to an invisible player unless the caster has a Gem of True Sight. (coming soon)

  • Any enemy player in range of a sentry ward ( available in orc racial shop menus -- coming soon ) will make the player glow slightly, as well as act as though they have been targeted by a player with a gem. (coming soon)
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